Painting, photography, film:
A one-woman-production, Patricia Reinhart’s artistic work presents itself as multilayered, sensual and poetic.

Anoir and the Woman in the Garden / Ciné Collage, HD Video, sound / 9’47’’, 3 + 1 AP, ES/FR, 2017

Her art explores femininity as the mystery of being, regarding the self in a simultaneously exploratory, deconstructive and authentic way. In the medium of Ciné Collage, the artist interweaves literature, psychoanalysis, film and art history to create surreal-theatrical tableaus that use subtly-chosen narratives to subvert commonly accepted regimes of power and gaze. In painting, inner and outer abstract spaces touch to form color orgies that depict the universe as an interplay of an infinite number of elementary particles. Patricia Reinhart staging a self-portrait in a photo booth in a public area in Paris, selecting gestures and poses that call her own female identity into question. Oscillating between appropriation and dissolution of the history of visual media and literary models, Patricia Reinhart expands her own analyses, observations, and conceptions of the world in interrelated visual media.